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Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Lyrics of Harder They Fall

Lyrics of Harder They Fall

since all look away
and there's no saving grace
a man stands tall
in the menace's case

three against one
intimidating game
acting the fool
playing insane


thinking you're strong
not aware of the storm
lulled in the false,
sense of security


one savages you
and your all alone
your fellowships done
your friends are gone
you know he'll never surrender
there's no way out


nooo way out.....
for you
theres no hide out...
for you..
nowhere to run
you fool

you're falling down!




He's standing on the Abyss
of a world like a sewer
waiting for the end
until he strikes, HE STRIKES YOU DEAD, GO!!

No Judge No Jury
No Appeals NO DEALS

No Talk No Mercy


here is the bill for your haughtiness, this is what you deserve,
beaten retarded by a man who stands up against the scum...


jacked up for the things you did
jacked up for your haughtiness
pride goes before a fall
and now you're falling down


this goes out to everyone, assaulting people for no reason - picking on the weak,
every once in a while someone crosses your way you can't fuck with
at least you have your life to lose
realize, change your ways, before one strikes you dead


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