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Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Wanna Get A Copy "Vigilante Justice"?

What up Fellas,

due to the high demand we have two options, if you want to cop one of the strictly limited 300 Pieces (50 LOA Editions, 50 OLC Editions and 200 Vigilante Justice Editions):

1. You come to one of our next shows and get it directly from us

2. You order a piece of merch and get the option to get a demo.

None the less 50 pieces are reserved for clandestine project for our fellas in Japan - so no worry nippon.

Everybody who was not havin the opportunity to show up to a show, is broke or simply just wants to rip it from a random one click hoster, no problem. You peeps and everyone else can download the demo as soon as we sold the material on out. The online free edition will include the layout of the "Vigilante Justice Edition" plus lyric and sidenotes.

Stay kind

Embraced By Hatred

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