the eyes that never close

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

HAARP, World Government, Illuminati, Chemtrails, 911 Inside Job, Bullshit..

Do you believe in dragons? Or homepathic medication helps against cancer? Conspiracy theories are kinda amusing but its really scary how esoterical thinking shorttakes rationality. The mechanisms are the same. Still funny is how certain individuals try to convince people (especially in hardcore) from their inchoate but comfortable theories how complex circumstances accrue by using simple answers to complex questions blanks out how reality functions. The other instrument of manipulating people is invoking fear. Especially bands without ideas putting one "23" after another "skull-and-bones" or "dollar-pyramid" is symptomatic. Come on and think yourself for a minute - it's easy but it's not how reality happens. Learn a little responsibilty for those who are too young to see whats bullshit and what's real. Learn critical thinking, heres an introduction.    

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