the eyes that never close

Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

What is it that todays bands don't get how actually music works?

Is it me or is it that most bands have no ideas and try to immitate another boring copy of a boring band? Trends, I say, won't work no more. One should try to be different. Even in "hardcore-music" are boundaries that a band has to break to reach other levels. Fuck industry standards cos they make bands sound the same. Back to the rooty and don't sell out. Use your ears and listen to real producers. People like david gibson, rick rubin or josh silver had the balls and the ideas to make milestones of music history but how? BY USING THEIR EARS AND BRAINS. Nows your turn to underdstand what that means. C'mon and read books, there plenty of good ones to get an insight of what matters when it comes to music. 

peace andy 

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