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Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Blacc Rock aka Heavy Metal Soul by the Pound

Fuck Fuck Fuck, Shame on me that I didn't check that band before. I stumbled across their first record in my fathers in law record-collection and I was stoked, speechless. It was feeling like listening to the bad brains or the mags first time. I always had much love for Body Count, Bad Brains, Living Color and even for Lenny Kravitz (!!). This Band is a fuckin miracle: Take Infectious Grooves, those bands named before, a certain amount of metal, vicious guitar solos played on stratocasters and jcm 800s and put even two spoons more soul than expected in it and there you have it. By the way, they come to europe and play a show in Cologne in march and guess whos attending. Yeah! Me and my Dad in law.  

heres a few impressions:

From their newest Release 2006

some more funky shit. it still reminds a lotta bad brains
Gumbo Millenium Record 1990

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