the eyes that never close

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

"hcworldwide" Videoportal rippin up bands..

okay okay, here it is, the backstabber of the day:

The Video-Channel of HCWORLDWIDE is making money off bands content although they claim to do "this" for the "love for hardcore music".. yeah of course and the love for money.

I recently watched a video of "us" on their account and discovered that I had to watch a "full-video-ad" (a so called Pre-Roll) before I could see OUR video, we payed some grands for. This actually means that they get payed from Youtube for the attention they gain thru other bands Video content. We wouldn't be pissed if they only uploaded the video but making money and claiming to be diy is fucked up.

So If you play in a band and you don't want somebody else fool the world by financing their new flatscreen OFF your Video, report the violation to youtube

"you can fool the world but you can t fool me"