the eyes that never close

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

1-2-3-4, I don t wanna live no more..!


the amount of conceptionally written songs for the album has risen up to six.
Since felt aeons of listening to merauder, type-o-negative, carnivore, drift, slayer, death, grave, integrity, kickback and stigmata we walked another step in the right direction. Current working-titles are "on the grind", "graveyard shift" and "grip". We'll see if we keep em like this. Maybe we get a short video pre-listening straight. 

It seems like we changed our style a lot and therefore please don't come along crying that we don't give a fuck bout fashion, beatdown, platitudes, lyrics about your dicks or puss, whos hard, whos not, whos whatever. If that is everything that keeps your scene running, you shouldn't listen to our record, because after that you might don't wanna live no more. We keep constantly destroying your heros. ;-)    

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