the eyes that never close

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Todays Hating-Day!

Just woke up this morning having a mix of hangover and sore muscles, still a little drunk. Anyway I been discussing last night some things bout hardcore and actually thru this, about attitudes in general. We been talking bout purpose of music and things in general. And motives that invoke things people do. In the end we came to the point that bands that try to explore provocation for every ethical price are just weak sissies, just lame pussies, whatever. Why? Cos they have nothing to tell? I mean, what is the purpose in showing porn, pussy, tortured people, clips of slaughtering of war-victims? What is the purpose of some retards, living in a 1st. world country  displaying slaughter-porn-like rape-scenes? Dude, whatever you wanna tell, in the end your just a weak fag. You got no story and nothing you stand for. Go lose some weight and gain some brains. - andy


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