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Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Vice Mag on Skinheads, SHARP and Hypocrisy

Why do I feel to post this? Well, I met 2003 a bunch of Skinheads in NY that really made me rethink some of my views on alternative subcultures and politics. Those dudes, the 211 bootboys are a bunch of jewish, puertorican, cuban, polish, irish, middle eastern and asian that truly stick to this skinhead-lifestyle like non other I met before. Their political or kinda "apolitical" stance impressed me since they weren't obviously apolitcal but they used to have other measures to their politics aside those buzzwords as SHARP, Red-Skins ..whatever.  Instead of pointing their fingers and dictating who is assumably a bonehead and who is not by a blink to the color of the shoelaces they  kept being curious in opinions. They followed their own politics and talked with people before judgeing them. It kinda reminds me to what Goad wrote about his Experiences

Make sure to check out United-Riot-Records and FedUp!NYC. FedUp! is Hardcore in the vein of Warzone and Breakdown and these days I guess one of very few REAL Bands out there in NY. - Andy

Embraced By Hatred and 211 Bootboys

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